Meg Russell Design


Some of the ways we can bring your brand to life.


Brand & Identity

Brands are living, breathing things. They change and evolve over time. And, if they’re really successful, they take their growing fan base along with them for the ride.

I strive to first understand your brand: Who does—and should—it speak to? What makes it tick? How is it used every day? Then, I recommend a plan for developing your identity, whether we begin at the start of its lifecycle (strategy and creation), in its mid-life (through implementation), or at its rebirth (rebranding).


Marketing Strategy

What does your audience want and need? How are your competitors trying to meet those needs? And how can your offer stand out in the crowd? These are the questions a smart marketing strategy always starts with.

With a firm understanding of who we’re speaking to, what we want to say, and what action we want to inspire, my team can build a marketing strategy and campaign that your brand can authentically own—and that your target audience will truly connect with.


Content Development

Every person you meet has a distinct voice. It’s not just what they say, but how they say it, that makes them unique. The same goes for your brand.

My team works to create a clear, easily identifiable voice for your brand—in taglines, headlines, even dense body copy. Through tone and style, your brand is then able to communicate in a way that screams (or, in somecases, whispers) “you”—be it in a direct mail campaign or an overview brochure.


Print & Literature

The digital world may be alive and thriving—but print is not dead. Some of the most powerful communications are printed materials. They offer your audience a direct, physical connection to your brand that’s hard to mimic in any other way.

Most importantly, print is simply one piece of the puzzle. Done right, it’s used not on its own, but as a complement to a larger, overarching marketing strategy—supporting digital media and other communications channels.


Digital & Web

In today’s reality, having a digital presence means more than having a working website. It means connecting with your audience through truly engaging, interactive experiences, be they social media posts, viral videos, an iPhone app, or—yes—a seriously standout website.

My team will work with you to conceptualize, experiment with, and implement those experiences—from researching digital trends to launching a custom-designed solution to assisting you with ongoing maintenance needs.


Environmental Design

Ever walked into a space and stopped still—just to take it all in? Chances are, you were having a unique sensory experience created by environmental design. And it caused a real connection, between you and the brand responsible for the space.

Your environment is the perfect place to tell your brand story—through color, graphics, messaging, and more. It not only connects you to external audiences who walk through your doors. It also builds a brand-right culture for the people working inside.